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“The Composers Corner is a place where we interview music creators, dissect songs, explore new gadgets and techniques, and give you a window into the world of music creation...” 

Jeanie Cunningham, your Host

Barry Goldberg

Hit Song Writer and Legendary Keybordist

The Composers Corner interview with Barry Goldberg. Goldberg's songs (some of which co-written with Gerry Goffin) have been recorded by many musicians including Rod Stewart, Gladys Knight, Percy Sledge, Joe Cocker, Steve Miller, Bobby "Blue" Bland, Gram Parsons and B. J. Thomas.

Harriet Schock

"That ain't no way to treat a lady" was initially written on an American Airlines napkin by singer / songwriter Harriet Schock.

Here is The Composers Corner interview (parts 1-4) with Harriet Schock, where she also plays her most famous song "That ain't no way to treat a lady". The song was a huge hit with Helen Reddy back in the '70ies

 Lauren Wood & Jeanie Cunningham.

We visit Lauren Wood (the composer of the Pretty Woman super hit "Fallen") in her studio.

The Temecula Valley International Film & Music Festival 

Song placements have replaced commercial radio today. It’s a new way for musicians and songwriters to get the exposure they need to break into the mainstream.

In this video series, placement experts explain the ins and outs of the process and what artists need to do to get their songs placed.


Chris Violette – Music Supervisor

Art Ford – Song Placement Specialist

Michael Lloyd – Songwriter, Composer, Music Supervisor

Moderator: Bernard Baur, The Composers Corner &
Music Connection Magazine

PT 1
(1) How filmmakers choose music
(2) What you need to do
(3) The value of song placements

PT 2

(1) What it takes to get your song placed

(2) How you get paid --- or not

(3) The importance of clearances

PT 3

(1) Placement deal points

(2) How to submit your songs

(3) How to help yourself & Make their job easy

PT 4

(1) How to contact and deal with placement specialists

(2) The frustrations & nightmares of song placements

(3) The placement industry needs YOU. 

Jeanie visits Jimi Yamagishi and asks:

"What kind of guitar do I want to get? Acoustic, Electric? Nylon, Steel? about a ukulele?"


Soprano, Concert, Tenor & Baritone...these also apply to Ukuleles! Sunlite makes 'em all and has two brands: Sunlite (basic models) & Alani (professional models). Which one is right for you?

Also, examine the Weissenborn Rope style of woodwork used on Alani Concert Ukulele.

Meet Jeanie Cunningham

Producer and Host of

the Composers Corner

The studio production of

Take Me Home Huey

This video gives you a peek behind the scenes of the creative work between project creator Steve Maloney and composer, singer and songwriter Jeanie Cunningham during their studio production of the Take Me Home Huey song. Jeanie arranged instruments and recording equipment of the era to capture the authentic 1969 sounds performed by passionate musicians at Ocean Studios in Burbank, California.

Take Me Home Huey is a multimedia project consisting of the 47-foot transformed Huey helicopter, an award-winning film, a powerful song, and an active social media community. The mission of the project is to engage with the veteran community to promote healing arts and to raise awareness for challenges with post-traumatic stress. Learn more about the project and the positive outreach for healing arts at

This is a segment about the microphones used at Ocean Studios for the recording of The Take Me Home Huey Song.

Learn more about the entire project at and on social media Take Me Home Huey on Google+ and Facebook.