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One of the things closest to Jeanie's heart is music education in schools. That is why she created The Composers Corner.

The Composers Corner is designed to inform, educate, entertain, and inspire. It's a place where students, aspiring musicians, and fans can learn about music from professionals.

Today, many schools, at all levels, lack a comprehensive music program. Because of that, The Composers Corner was set up to pick up the slack and introduce anyone who's curious to the wonderful world of music.

TASIS The American School In Switzerland

Professional musician Jeanie Cunningham '75 worked with TASIS music students on October 12, 2015.

How to handle conflcts of interest in the music business.

By Bernard Bauer

Madison Elementary's Mighty Ukesters

are profiled in this CBS "Eye On The Desert" piece

The Ukes in School Program

The Ukes in School Program in Norway

Jeanie Cunningham and Elisabeth Thormodsrud teaching music educators the ukulele

Los Diggities The Musical

Hey all you teachers, directors and students; Los Diggities is actually a MUSICAL now! The story of our 3 Diggities, (Xena, Oscar & Oso) confronting the realities of prejudice together as they create peace between "Sylvia" the Skunk and "Lucy" the Pitbull and those who "hate 'em on sight".

This musical is suitable for all ages and AVAILABLE FOR FREE to those who would like to perform it. Just contact us and we'll send you the script AND accompanying music--including the Los Diggities Theme Song!

The Musical - Los Diggities -​The stories of three rescued dogs

Dula The Musical

Paul Elliott, the author and playwright of DULA, discusses the transition of a play turning into a musical.

Enter Jeanie Cunningham, the composer/ and musical lyricist* of DULA (*it's important to note that Paul is also a co-lyricist in that a number of songs include the actual script dialogue). Jeanie takes you through her introduction to Dula, and the 7 year process of writing the score and songs.